Volunteers should be committed to supporting the Sekolah Papua Harapan’s programs and vision and dedicated to inviting a cultural exchange: sharing knowledge, skills and experience while learning from students and staff.

Volunteers serve as role models and are invited to focus their time around sharing a special skill, project or other accomplishment.  Abundant communication prior to a visit provides opportunities for Sekolah Papua Harapan staff to get to know volunteers and to determine how volunteers fit into the life of the school.

The following process outlines the necessary steps to establishing a formal partnership with Sekolah Papua Harapan.

Steps in the volunteering process:

  1. Contact ([email protected])
  2. Questions and answers
  3. Letters of reference
  4. Personal interview (in person or via Skype)
  5. Schedule/calendar/duties/expectations
  6. Preparation for Papua:
  • Visa application
  • Planning: length of stay, travel plans, accommodations in Papua
  • Financial matters
  • What to bring
  • Learning: Indonesian language, background reading