Signature Commitments

Sekolah Papua Harapan’s four signature commitments are the foundation of the school’s mission and vision.  

Papua Harapan will be a community that exhibits…

Godly Character:

  • It is SPH’s passion to develop men and women of God who will, above all else, adhere to Biblical principles and manifest the character of God.
  • It is SPH’s desire that all staff be Christ-followers who are strong in their faith and are committed to discipling those whom they teach and interact with. 

Constructive Attitudes:

  • SPH believes that a constructive attitudes are rooted in the ability to forgive offenses and offenders and to lay aside grievances in order to be free to accomplish ANY and ALL tasks to which God calls.
  • SPH also believes that constructive attitudes must grow out of the belief that all men are created equal and that there are no levels of importance in God’s eyes.  Students must be interdependent and committed to each other’s success as strongly as they are committed to their own success.
  • SPH desires to instill in each student an appropriate amount of confidence in their self worth and pride in their culture heritage. (Acts 17:26-28) SPH believes that God can and will equip his followers to be successful in fulfilling their callings, no matter what others may say or what odds they may face. 

Superior Academic Skills:

  • SPH is dedicated to developing academically excellent curriculum and believes that students can, with appropriate support, achieve the high standards set before of them.
  • SPH endeavors to help students develop problem solving abilities, creative, critical and associative thinking skills.
  • SPH expects students to listen, speak, read, write, and interpret effectively as individuals and as members of cooperative groups.
  • SPH will help students to develop an appreciation for the value of technology, the ability to use technology, and an understanding of the limitations of technology. 

PRODUCTIVE Lifelong Habits:

  • SPH desires to see students develop habits that will include valuing preventative health care, physical fitness, work and study patterns, social awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual conduct.
  • SPH students will also be exhorted to develop a caring attitude toward others in their communities, country, and world.