Educational Approach

Children from Papua’s interior areas are uniquely qualified to understand their tribes’ history and to help respond to Papua’s opportunities and challenges in a global world.

By the age of 6 students from Papua’s interior:

  • speak a tribal language fluently, while learning Indonesian and English
  • have practical knowledge of gardening, hunting, and music in their home area
  • trek, compete and work with outstanding foot-surety and physical stamina
  • have lost at least one sibling (older or younger) to lack of health care
  • look outside their home area for further schooling

Sekolah Papua Harapan is comprised of three interconnected programs sharing a vision and staff. These programs work together to empower students to meet various objectives.


  • 1-year, flexible program for students from Papua’s interior
  • Emphases: language learning (Indonesian and English), spiritual foundations, basic skills, and academic/social confidence
  • Focus is on developing  core support relationships between staff & students

Day School

  • K-7 (adding grade levels each year)
  • Bilingual Indonesian/English instruction
  • Active learning, critical thinking
  • Global Best Practices/National Plus standards, moving to International
  • Multicultural, involving students from Papua’s interior and coastal areas
  • On-site clinic, family-style meals, extracurricular programs
  • Involves parents as extracurricular instructors


  • Home environment for students from Papua’s interior (mountainous inland region)
  • Priority placed on establishing family setting, routines, relationships
  • No more than 12 students per dorm
  • Housing provided for interior students’ parent visits

Sekolah Papua Harapan is committed to strengthening students’ connections to their home villages, while providing a range of opportunities not available in remote village contexts.  Riding in a car, learning to swim and having positive interactions with people from other cultures are some of the first steps to gaining a sense of confidence when interacting with the outside world.   By the time students graduate, they will have the character, attitudes, skills, and habits necessary to lead with integrity in any context.

Sekolah Papua Harapan cares for students holistically, taking into account spiritual, social, emotional, academic and physical needs.  Thus, focus is placed on knowing students well and empowering them to reach their full potential. Class and dormitory sizes are small to facilitate mentoring relationships and focused learning.